Our School and College Facilities includes:

Computer Lab:

Our computer lab is one of the first in Dhaka, and is fully equipped to meet the needs of the O'Level students who take Computing Studies. Students are acquainted with computers from class V, and through the next two years, they learn the rudiments of computer handling, such as word processing (MS Word), simple graphics construction (Paintbrush), programming (QBasic), spreadsheet construction (MS Excel) and introduction to databases (MS Access).

Should they decide to take the subject of Computing Studies in the O'Levels, they are throughly prepared by staff both from the school and SoftEd, an institution specialising in software education.

The recently ungraded computer network consists of 20 AMD K-II 350 MHz Windows NT 4.0 Workstations, and a Pentium II 350 MHz Windows NT Server, administered by school staff, and maintained by a local service provider, InfoTech. This network is setup as such to provide adequate security and privacy to students' works.

Science Lab:

The school has two fully equipped science labs, one for Physics and one for Chemistry. The labs are available for regualar practicals of the A'Level students; students from the O'Level classes are taken there sometimes for practical demonstrations.

The Lab is recognised by the London Examination Board, which supervises the O'Level exams. The equipment is adequate both for the number of students and for the level of practice required for the A'Levels. The Lab is frequently updated with material.

All lab activities take place under the careful supervision of qualified and experienced staff.


The school has a library supervised by a liberarian. Students are actively encouraged to use the library, and in view of that, a separate period is set aside each week, when students may borrow books for the week. Books are both recreational and educational. In addition, there are many journals and magazines of interest, such as The National Geographic and the Reader's Digest, and Encyclopaedias as well.

Indoor Games Facilities:

The indoor facilities available at the school are table-tennis and chess. Students can avail of such opportunities during the tiffin break, any free period or during games classes.

Outdoor games facilities:

Coaching is provided for the sports of cricket for the boys and handball for the boys and girls. Cricket and handball are under the supervision of experienced coaches. The school regularly participates in the Nirman School Cricket Competition, and the Annual Handball Competition. In addition, there is a basketball court in the Senior Section, and football is also played in the buildings with a field.


Dhanmondi Tutorial has been affiliated with the scout movement for a vey long time. Under Mr. Mukul Hossian Mridha, (Assistant Leader Trainer, Bangladesh Scouts; Asstt. Commisioner, Bangladesh Scouts, Dhaka Metropolitan) (nams@fsbd.net) students actively participate in scouty meetings once a week, and there are also campings twice a year in the school premises. During that time, students are taken out on field tours to places of significance. All the scout staff of the school and invited scouts organise and supervise the camping.