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Location of the school buildings:

At present, the school is housed in four buildings. Their addresses are:

a) The Junior Section-I:: Play Group, Nursery, and Kindergartens I & II
House no. 624, Road no. 20 (old)
House no. 31, Road no. 10/A (new)
Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
Tel: 9121729

b) The Junior Section-II: Class I and Class II
House no. 186/A, Road no. 20 (old)
House no. 186/A, Road no. 10/A (new)
Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
Tel: 9116342

c) The Middle Section: Class III to Class V
House no. 36, Road no. 10/A (new)
Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
Tel: 9130378

d) The Senior Section: Class VI to A'Levels as well the Adminstrative Office, the Accounts Office and the Principal's Office
House no. 14, Road no. 8
Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
Tel: 9121729, 507601

School Timings:

The school timings are as follows:

Play Group and Nursery
First shift: 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Second shift: 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Kindergarten I & II 08:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Class I and Class II 08:00 a.m. to 01:10 p.m.
Class III to Class V 08:00 a.m. to 01:30 p.m.
Class VI to Class XII 08:00 a.m. to 01:40 p.m.


The school is closed on Friday and Saturday, and on all public holidays.

The annual holiday list will be issued at the beginning of the year and individual copies will be given to each student. Students are expected to follow this and attend school accordingly. Notice of unexpected closure and unplanned holidays will be given verbally, or in writing whenever possible. However, parents are requested to use their discretion during hartals or other emergencies and to inquire from the school office (ph: 507601) when in doubt.


School uniform:


a) For girls: Play Group to Class V:

Shirt: White, with deep chocolate collar with school monogram on the left pocket.

Skirt: A. Line skirt :deep chocolate colour.

T-shirt: to be obtained from the school for summer.

b) For boys: Play Group to Class V:

Shirt: White, with deep chocolate collar with school monogram on the left pocket.

Shirts: deep chocolate colour.

T-shirt: to be obtained from the school for summer.

c) For girls: Class VI to Class XII:

Salwar and Kameez: White, with deep chocolate coloured dopatta, and with school monogram on the left pocket.

d) For boys: Class VI to Class XII:

Shirt: White, with deep chocolate coloured collar and school monogram on the left pocket.

Trousers: Deep chocolate colour.

T-shirt: to be obtained from the school for summer.

Sweaters for winter: V neck sweaters, of red colour and without any designs of different colour of wool.

Shoes: Plain white tennis shoes.

Socks: Plain white socks.

The school uniform can be ordered from:

Karnafuli Tailors : House no. 186/A, Road no. 20 (old)

Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka

Phone no. 814884

Dallas Tailors : 35 Chadni Chawak Market (1st floor)

New Market, Dhaka

Tel: 9118658, 508297

Ready made uniform are available for juniors and seniors. Orders are accepted. Materials are supplied by the shop.

Students will be punished for not wearing the prescribed uniform.

Report cards and general progress:

The academic year is divided into two terms:

a) First Term : January to June
b) Second Term : July to December

Progress in class will be discussed in the parents/teachers meetings as per notification. Each student's marks will be allotted for classwork and homework.

All Parents/Gurdians are requested to collect the Report Cards personally, and to discuss progress with the teachers who will be available in the school during the specific time. Their close co-operation in this respect is essential.

English, Mathematics and Bengail are compulsory subjects. Students who do not attain the pass marks (which is 50% for Class I to VI) in these subjects, will not be promoted to a higher class. For students of Class VII to X the pass marks is also 50% (25 marks alloted for Class Test and 75 for the Term Examination).

Students scoring less than the minimum marks stated above as an aggregate for the year will also not be promoted to the next class. Those who are unable to attain the minimum requirement for continuing in the school will be asked to leave, at the end of the academic year.

There are no examinations for classes Play Group, Nursery and Kintergarten. Children in these classes are assessed on the basis to their performance in class.


Parents are reminded that Bengali is one of the compulsory subjects and that each student must secure pass marks.


This code of student's behaviour is to help your child to develop his/herself as a contributive, responsible member of the school community, who will think clearly, feel deeply and act wisely. It recognizes the co-operative relationship between student, parent and educator.

  1. English must be used in all school activities.

  2. Be regular and punctual

  3. Behave in a respectful and responsible manner

  4. Attend school in proper uniform

  5. Take responsibility for one's actions

  6. Do homework and come to school prepared.

The greatest emphasis is put on general discpline and parents are requested to see that sll school rules are observed meticulously. The school authority reserves the right to take such action for infringement of the school rules as may be judged necessary, at the absolute discretion of the school authorities. This may include suspension or expulsion of the student form the school.

Physical Exercise:

Every child is expected to participate in the physical education program. If a student, for physical reasons, is not able to participate, s/he can be excused by the P.T. teacher. The parent/guardian may obtain this permission through a letter certifying this cause.

Collection after school:

Children should be collected from the school by an authorized person only. They will not be allowed to leave with a person not formally authorized to collect them.

Identity cards are issued to children of Play Group, Nursery, Kindergarten and Classes I to IV. These ID cards are held by parents. In case the parent/guardian cannot come to receive their children from school, they are then required to hand over the ID card and an authorising letter to anyone who they have authorised to pick up their children.